Demo 2014

by Useless Grant

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released July 6, 2014

Jasper Saah - Violin, Bass, Guitar, Melodica, Banjo
Conor James - Guitar, Banjo, Vox
Isaiah Silvers - Trombone, Vox
Molly Beckett - Mandolin, Vox
Kalanzi Kajubi - Piano, Drums, Percussion
Genevieve Volz - Cello
Marco Saah - Drums, Percussion

Released July 2014 by the Uno Mas Arts Collective

Recorded and Produced by Uno Mas Recordings



Track Name: Bookshelves
Bookshelf’s full of books that I don’t read
I ain’t got a TV cause I can’t see
Got a couple frying pans that I don’t need
And this is the limit of my greed

People tell me to buy things
Their teeth are glittering
They ask me for my card
But they’re looking too hard
Cause I’m wary of golden rings
And singers that always sing
So I never dip my finger in the lard

Oh I never dip my finger in the lard
Track Name: Staying Under
They locked me up again
for stealing from my brothers.
If there’s no difference in men,
then who are all the others?
I wish there were some girls in here,
I wish there were some boys,
but they are all just animals,
and I am just their toy.

How come every time I try to write a stupid song,
the words come out all sappy and the melody’s just wrong?
workin my ass off trying to swim up this old stream,
just to jump into a bear’s mouth that’s waiting there for me

I wish that you could see me
when I am all alone
I swear I’m not as bad as
the part of me that’s better known
I’ve killed a man a thousand times
without firing a shot
you may say that I’m crazy,
but what else have I got?

Every single morning when I stumble out of bed,
the same old stale ideas circulating in my head,
sitting in my room before I turn on all the lights,
I wonder if my face will be the same as it was last night?

And I don’t know
where to go
I guess I’ll just
stay at home
I’ll see you the
next time it snows
which I guess is never
man that blows
Track Name: Moon or Bust
Who knows where we came from
I sure don't give a fuck
but I know where I'm goin',
to the moon or bust

cause it's getting harder and harder to get out of bed each and every day
and when the world's so gone you can't really find a reason to stay

they take the air we breath and they tell us that it's okay
the tell us to believe, but in whose god they didn't say
and they're thinking they're so discreet, trying to keep us at bay
they tell us, "go back to sleep" but tell me who's god anyway?

well I found God and he's an olde timey banjo player
and sometimes when I'm feeling down I'll play him a prayer
but it seems like lately I've been getting no reply
what's the use of yelling and throwing rocks up at the sky

they take the air we breath and they tell us that it's okay
the tell us to believe, but in whose god they didn't say
and they're winning the war on peace, it gets bleaker day by day
they tell us, "go back to sleep" but tell me who's god anyway?
Track Name: Frost (Not Compost)
Lock the doors
hit the lights
say goodbye to the world for tonight
brush your teeth
and go to bed
don't you know everything will be alright
but its hard livin' in here
we got questions with no answers from ear to ear
like why can’t I just get to sleep at night?

Cause I’ve sailed to many seas to see why everybody just can’t be
miles and miles of painted fences, building up all your defenses

Now go and take a walk in the woods
a little fresh air would probably do you some good
that is assuming you could even find your way out of this old neighborhood
Grab a hammer, get some stone,
go find a place where you can be yourself all alone
get to work, do yourself a favor
build a wall
they make the best of neighbors

So, come the fog and
come the rain
but when it comes to people I think I’ll abstain
miles and miles of painted fences yet we are still all so defenseless.
Track Name: Beside the Point
It was ‘62 on a summer day
When Jeb Stuart’s men took my baby away
I don’t know what they’ve done with her
But she'll come back again okay

Yankee recruiter come to my door
Asked me if I was a patriot
I happened to be gettin’ kinda bored
So I told him why the hell not

Ulysses Grant is a drunken fool
And when he’s sober he’s just as cruel
But I’ll tell of something its evident
That he’ll be running for president

I met a guy named Walt
At an army hospital
He told we’re all alive and well somewhere
Lying in the grass

Now Walt’s a better man than me
That’s something I can clearly see
Without his goddamn poetry
But that’s beside the point

You will hardly know who I am
You will hardly know what I mean
I stop somewhere waiting for you
And my words itch at your ears
Here we are in the grass
Lying in the grass

They left me alone
In a ditch in Tennessee
With no one much for company
By a roadside that was bare of trees
From all the shells they’d dropped on me
But that’s beside the point

That's beside the point